In direct collaboration with NVIDIA, ASUS has announced the world's first 500 Hz G-Sync enabled gaming display during Computex 2022. The latest ROG Swift 24.1-inch display will feature a 500 Hz panel with a 1080p resolution and comes loaded with features such as NVIDA's Reflex Analyzer and a new vibrance mode.

Designed more the fast-paced eSports titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Overwatch, and titles like these, the latest monitor from ASUS's premium ROG Swift range now features an impressive 500 Hz E-TN display. Not to be confused with the standard TN panels, ASUS uses its new "eSport TN" technology, which ASUS claims offers 60% better response times.

In the above video embedded, ASUS and NVIDIA give a small demonstration of the benefits of moving to 500 Hz from 240 and 144 Hz. It tests things such as animation smoothness, ghosting, and system latency.

The ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz uses a 24.1-inch panel with a 1080p resolution. It also benefits from NVIDIA G-Sync and NVIDIA's Reflex Analyzer, which is designed to detect system latency, measure mouse clicks when using an NVIDIA Reflex certified gaming mouse, and to measure the time for the resulting pixels to change on the screen.

ASUS also includes a new enhanced vibrance mode, which is specifically tuned for eSports and is built into the monitor's firmware. ASUS claims this allows light to travel through the LCD crystals for better color vibrancy.

As we've seen from previous ROG Swift releases over the years, don't expect this to be cheap or affordable for the everyday gamer. At the time of writing, ASUS hasn't revealed the expected MSRP of the ROG Swift 500 Hz gaming monitor, nor does it state when it might hit retail shelves.

Source: ASUS

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  • mode_13h - Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - link

    I'm not saying most incels don't deserve your biting critiques, but they feel almost like too easy targets.

    These (mostly) guys would be frittering away their time and money on some fruitless pastime or another. If it weren't games, maybe hot rods, sports fandom, or who knows what else. I'm not defending gamer culture, but gaming seems to me like not the worst case scenario.
  • Alistair - Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - link

    "Not to be confused with the standard TN panels"

    It isn't confused. It is a TN panel. A standard one.

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