ASRock this week has introduced an Intel Arc-based A310 Low Profile 4 GB graphics card. Aimed at the lower power/size/cost portion of the video card market, the entry-level A310 card carries a cut-down ACM-G11 GPU with 768 stream processors operating at 2.0 GHz and a 64-bit memory interface that connects 4 GB of GDDR6. And while its performance isn't anything to write home about, it fills out ASRock's lineup with a budget video card that can also easily be placed into low profile systems.

Performance vise, ASRock's Arc A310 Low Profile graphics card should be comparable to higher-end integrated graphics solutions - which is to say that it's more for general desktop work than demanding games. Notably, as a current-generation Arc card, it incorporates Intel's feature-packed media playback engine, with hardware encoding and decoding for the majority of popular formats, such as AV1, H.264, H.265, and VP9, which makes it a good solution for home theater PCs (HTPCs) as well as office PCs.

The low-profile card offers two display outputs, a DisplayPort (2.0) and an HDMI port (2.0b). In terms of power consumption, this is a sub-75W card (ASRock doesn't give a more precise figure than that), so you won't find any external power connectors as it's entirely bus-powered. Meanwhile, it looks like ASRock has opted to recycle the same dual-slot dual-fan cooling system they use for their other low-profile Arc card, the low-profile ASRock Arc A380

Wrapping things up, ASRock has not listed a price for the card. Though judging from the cost of other Arc A310 cards on the market, it's likely to end up hitting shelves in the low $100 range.

Source: ASRock

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  • Samus - Saturday, September 16, 2023 - link

    Matrox severely nerfed the Luma A310 to get it passively cooled, capped at 30W down from 50W, 1750MHz Base & Boost clock. While commendable, the implementation is pretty weak and the heatsink simply isn't large enough if you plan to actually load up the GPU.
  • TLindgren - Friday, September 15, 2023 - link

    "Less issues" as in the only graphics card that was pretty much unusable at launch because both AMD and Nvidia got their driver fixes out before launch and Intel, well, didn't. And to be honest, at least with Nvidia it ran mostly fine even with months old drivers and this is a AMD sponsored title so there's really no excuse for Intel to be that late to the party.
    But as you correctly note Intel did finally release a driver update. And Intel Battlemage appears to be on schedule for it's 2024 launch and intel has been very clear on their long-term commitment (the initial poster clearly hasn't been paying attention).
  • Xajel - Friday, September 15, 2023 - link

    We need a full height but single slot as well.
  • nfriedly - Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - link

    ASRock's low profile A380 is currently going for $120, and this card has 2/3 the RAM (capacity and bandwidth) and 3/4 the "XMX Engines", so the A310 should be around $80-90 if the price scales linearly with the performance.
  • skinnyelephant - Saturday, September 30, 2023 - link

    Only rerget is that it does not fit ones desire to run games at least 1080p 60fps .

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