06:43PM EST - We're here at Intel, ready for their keynote presentation. Gregory Bryant and Nevin Shenoy are presenting. Starts at 4pm local time.

06:44PM EST - Andrei and I are here front row

06:44PM EST - Starting in 15 minutes or so

06:44PM EST - Beat Box DJ providing ambience

06:46PM EST - Room seats around 400-500. Seems small for an Intel presentation

06:47PM EST - Laptops and servers on the stage, so perhaps some Foveros and Cascade Lake ?

06:55PM EST - It's definitely not busy in here

06:57PM EST - About to begin


06:58PM EST - Laura Anderson to the stage, VP and BM of Global Comms

06:58PM EST - Greg Bryant and Nevin Shenoy making announcements during the event

06:59PM EST - networking, edge computing, auto driving, consumer stuff

06:59PM EST - Newest edition of 9th gen

06:59PM EST - Accelerating innovation in 5G and AI

06:59PM EST - 10nm development on track with product updates

06:59PM EST - 'Backdrop of Intel's stregy is working'

06:59PM EST - $300B TAM with data-driven segments

06:59PM EST - Today and the next era of computing

07:00PM EST - Scale unmatched by others

07:00PM EST - Video time

07:02PM EST - As far as I know, there's not going to be any comment about a new CEO or about Intel's increased demand situation

07:02PM EST - Greg Bryant to the stage

07:03PM EST - Intel has been evolving from a PC-Centric to a Data-Centric company delivering solutions

07:03PM EST - $300B includes client, PCs, datacenter, AI, Automotive

07:03PM EST - PC is the touchpoint in this Data-Centric era

07:03PM EST - All about client connected devices

07:03PM EST - What makes the PC special, it's the place people go to focus

07:04PM EST - 80% of people choose to focus on a PC to do work

07:04PM EST - that's where they go to do what matters

07:04PM EST - it's a broad definition

07:04PM EST - only Intel can address the full market, top to bottom

07:04PM EST - Recently launched first 5 GHz CPU, solder TIM CPUs

07:05PM EST - Building the family out

07:05PM EST - Launching 6 new 9th gen processors, Core i3 to Core i9

07:07PM EST - Going through the music demo at the beginning with the DJ

07:07PM EST - 'The PC is the instrument'

07:08PM EST - Kawehi, One Woman Band

07:08PM EST - A mix of EDM and other stuff

07:09PM EST - 'You used to need thousands of dollars of hardware'

07:09PM EST - >While they have two 27-inch AIOs based on 9th Gen and a couple of other PCs

07:09PM EST - Also 9th Gen Core mobile coming in Q2

07:10PM EST - Discussing mobile in more general terms

07:10PM EST - People want a platform that is already ready to go and adapts to their use

07:11PM EST - Ice Lake

07:11PM EST - Integrated platform on shelves holiday 2019

07:11PM EST - 10nm, TB3, Gen11 graphics, Sunny Cove, Wi-Fi 6

07:12PM EST - New VNNI instructions

07:12PM EST - Will be in thin and light 2-in-1 systems

07:12PM EST - Ice Lake in action

07:13PM EST - Can run a 4K display under Gen11

07:13PM EST - Bringing AI to client

07:14PM EST - Searching for photos with AI indentifying 'water'

07:14PM EST - Ice Lake with DL boost should give 2x perf boost

07:14PM EST - Ice Lake with Gaming

07:15PM EST - Dell to the stage

07:16PM EST - Show and Tell with Ice Lake

07:16PM EST - early engineering builds in XPS in the labs

07:17PM EST - Also Project Athena

07:17PM EST - Next Era of Mobile Computing

07:18PM EST - A program similar to Ultrabook

07:18PM EST - Driving thinner and lighter products

07:18PM EST - Time to do that again

07:18PM EST - Mobile computing innovation rooted in human understanding

07:18PM EST - Industry Wide innovation program

07:18PM EST - Anyone can optimize for one vector, but optimizing the entire platform requires everyone

07:19PM EST - Now talking about packaging and pushing the limits

07:19PM EST - Lakefield

07:19PM EST - This is the Foveros chip

07:20PM EST - Hybrid x86

07:20PM EST - 10nm Sunny Cove core, four atom cores

07:20PM EST - 12mm square package

07:20PM EST - Stack IP together

07:20PM EST - Showing devices with dual displays

07:21PM EST - They look like small 7 inch dual screen devices

07:21PM EST - The board is the size of five quarters

07:21PM EST - Smaller form factors

07:21PM EST - Tablets

07:21PM EST - Clamshells

07:21PM EST - There will be reference designs

07:22PM EST - Really early

07:23PM EST - Example of how Intel is working with partners

07:23PM EST - Comcast to the stage

07:23PM EST - driving gigabit service to users

07:23PM EST - 58m homes with gigabit service available

07:24PM EST - with help from Intel

07:24PM EST - 10 gigabit full duplex networks

07:24PM EST - (Intel 10 GbE NICs are still super expensive)

07:24PM EST - Improving Wi-Fi speeds for gigabit too

07:25PM EST - Comcast gateway with gigabit on the Intel booth

07:25PM EST - Wi-Fi 6

07:25PM EST - 'unlimited connected devices'

07:26PM EST - Better content and service with gigabit and 10 gigabit

07:26PM EST - e.g. volumetric video delivery

07:26PM EST - Official partners Intel Comcast for the Olympics

07:27PM EST - New area of computing is leveraging the power of data

07:27PM EST - Navin Shenoy to the stage

07:27PM EST - Data Center is not normally at CES

07:28PM EST - A quiet force behind the scenes

07:28PM EST - Starting with Xeon Scalable

07:28PM EST - Xeon turned 20 in 2018

07:28PM EST - Driving the best industry processor

07:28PM EST - Current Xeon has 95 performance world records

07:29PM EST - Announcing that Cascade Lake is shipping for revenue

07:29PM EST - Here's a CPU

07:29PM EST - 48 core AP version

07:29PM EST - DL Boost

07:29PM EST - Optane DC Persistent Memory support

07:30PM EST - Transforming experiences

07:30PM EST - such as 11/11 with $30B of online sales in Asia

07:31PM EST - Working with Alibaba on Cascade and Optane DC

07:31PM EST - handling the surge of customers

07:31PM EST - Video with Alibaba

07:32PM EST - >Navin keeps saying 'Cascade Lakes'. I'm not sure what that's about

07:32PM EST - 'Intel platform can process data in real time enabling digital ecommerce to deliver a smooth user experience'

07:32PM EST - Using AI and IoT to drive retail

07:33PM EST - Alibaba partner with Intel at the Olympics

07:33PM EST - Alibaba cloud will deliver 3D athlete tracking at the Tokyo olympics

07:33PM EST - e.g. speed, angles

07:34PM EST - Data driven user presentation

07:35PM EST - AI company to the stage

07:35PM EST - Human pose estimation platform

07:35PM EST - From video, can run live

07:36PM EST - Using Cascade Lake

07:36PM EST - Demo time with GPU vs DL Boost

07:38PM EST - From cloud to edge

07:39PM EST - From mWatts to 100s of Watts

07:39PM EST - There's a need for us to push further on inference

07:40PM EST - New class of AI chip for inference. Intel Nervana NNP-I

07:40PM EST - Facebook is a development partner on NNP-I

07:40PM EST - Coming to market in 2019

07:41PM EST - Now for 5G

07:41PM EST - 5G is going to intersect comms and computing

07:41PM EST - New use cases that 5G will enable

07:41PM EST - 5G runs on Intel, end-to-end

07:41PM EST - From device/edge to core to cloud

07:41PM EST - 2019 second half will have a 5G modem

07:42PM EST - New latency sensitive use cases in 5G

07:42PM EST - Only possible by moving compute nearer where it's coming from

07:42PM EST - Coming soon, 2H 2019, Snow Ridge

07:42PM EST - Developed specifically for base stations

07:42PM EST - for the 5G compute

07:43PM EST - Fitting it into a small form factor

07:44PM EST - 10nm Snow Ridge for 5G

07:44PM EST - Snow Ridge can prioritize latency sensitive applications

07:45PM EST - 100 Gbps

07:46PM EST - Now Ice Lake Xeon silicon

07:47PM EST - Ice Lake silicon from the labs a few weeks ago

07:47PM EST - already running ML

07:47PM EST - Round up of datacenter

07:48PM EST - Four products on 10nm: Ice Lake client, Ice Lake Xeon, Lakefield, Snow Ridge

07:49PM EST - Now automotive with Mobileye

07:49PM EST - iQ4 in BMW launched last year

07:49PM EST - Long range hazard detection

07:49PM EST - Production version has 3 cameras, this one on stage has 12

07:50PM EST - Autonomous driving using only cameras

07:50PM EST - Eight iQ4s in there today, next gen will only need three iQ5 chips

07:50PM EST - Silicon now in production

07:50PM EST - EyeQ5*

07:51PM EST - Already have 8m units of EyeQ5, Working towards 2021 for Level 4 autonomous

07:51PM EST - Mobility as a service with Volkswagen

07:52PM EST - Standardizing safety

07:52PM EST - Mobileye developed an open standard

07:53PM EST - Demo

07:53PM EST - Mapping of japan highways now completed. Produced in less than 24 hours. Map production is automatic

07:54PM EST - partnership with Ordnance Survey in UK

07:55PM EST - The system will extract data like road signs, trees, drain covers

07:55PM EST - More details tomorrow

07:56PM EST - Summary

07:56PM EST - 10nm is on track

07:56PM EST - Cascade is shipping

07:57PM EST - Enabling ecosystems

07:57PM EST - Last year was Intel's 50th anniversary

07:57PM EST - That's a wrap.

07:58PM EST - That's a wrap.

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  • ACKguy - Monday, January 7, 2019 - link

    Interesting that this isn't listed on the CES website. I only found it by looking for CES updates here....
  • ikjadoon - Monday, January 7, 2019 - link

    Thanks for this blog format, Anandtech. I much prefer these to livestreams.

    Mobile is super-hot at Intel (one release per quarter):

    Kaby Lake Refresh (i5-8250U) in Q3 2017
    Kaby Lake G (i5-8305G) in Q1 2018
    Cannon Lake (lol, i3-8121U) in Q2 2018
    Coffee Lake (i5-8259U) in Q2 2018 (only 28W+)
    Whiskey Lake (i5-8265U) in Q3 2018
    Ice Lake (i5-9xxxU) in Q2 2019

    It's a refresh per quarter, though including the 28W+ Coffee Lake launch & the EMIB Vega chips.
  • Eris_Floralia - Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - link

    The 9xxxU will be CML-U not the ICL-U.
  • Tod Keeling - Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - link

    Attending Intel CES 2019 keynote provided me with really good info about their future planning. Gregory Bryant and Nevin Shenoy presented this whole conference. They explained things in a very curious way. One of my students submitted an essay on this topic after reading reviews on https://britishessays.net/ website edubirdie because it shares the honest and real reviews.
  • gustavowoltmann - Monday, November 23, 2020 - link

    Oh very great but I have some questions about this post. So you can reply to me my question. Gustavo Woltmann

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