AI Processors

Since Imagination’s original announcement of the PowerVR Series2NX Neural Network Accelerator (NNA) last fall, the machine learning and AI “hype train” has not paused in the slightest. For the embedded and mobile space where the 2NX NNA competes in, there have been plenty of AI hardware developments in that time: CEVA’s NeuPro, Cambricon’s neural processing unit (NPU) in the Kirin 970, and yet more details of Arm’s “Project Trillium” machine learning processor, which has yet to be finalized. Today is Imagination’s turn, and the company is announcing the first products in the 2NX NNA family: the higher-performance AX2185 and lower-cost AX2145. Given the traditional spectrum of embedded and mobile markets, Imagination is positioning the AX2185 for higher-end smartphones, smart surveillance systems, and automotive, while pushing...

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