Arc A380

As Intel's slate of video card board partners has expanded over the last year, so has the variety in the ecosystem, as the newly minted partners set out to design their own unique products around Intel's fledgling GPU family. This, thankfully, is starting to include some underserved markets such as low profile vide cards, which have been left behind in the focus on bigger-and-better video cards. Which brings us to ASRock's latest Arc A380 graphics card, a new low-profile A380 design that brings Intel's entry-level discrete GPU to smaller systems. As far as specifications are concerned, ASRock's Arc A380 Low Profile 6GB (A380 LP 6G) is a typical Arc A380 product that carries Intel's ACM-G11 GPU (1024 stream processors, 2.0 GHz) coupled with 6GB of...

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