SteelSeries is well-known in the gaming headset industry, and we’ve been fortunate enough to test out some of their products in the past, including the amazing Arctis Pro with GameDAC which is one of the best PC headsets around, but SteelSeries didn’t officially support Xbox with that model. That changes today, with the launch of the Arctis 9X, and brings with it official Xbox Wireless connectivity as well, which SteelSeries sent us a couple of weeks ago to get some first impressions on prior to the launch. The addition of Xbox Wireless connectivity puts SteelSeries in some select company, and the expansion of this ecosystem to allow connectivity of not just controllers, but also headsets, is something only available since late 2017. SteelSeries offers a...

SteelSeries Updates The Arctis Headphone Lineup And Offers Standalone GameDAC

Today SteelSeries is announcing a couple of updates to their headset lineup. The Actis lineup is getting a bit of a facelift, and the SteelSeries GameDAC, which previously was...

23 by Brett Howse on 8/28/2018

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