Elkhart Lake

Passively-cooled systems find application in a wide variety of industrial use-cases including automation, IoT gateways, medical systems, surveillance, and digital signage. In addition to avoiding moving parts, systems meant for industrial use need to be built to operate 24x7 in challenging environmental conditions. Supermicro has systems targeting this market under the Embedded / IoT category in a variety of form-factors. Scenarios with minimal I/O requirements can use the compact chassis with support for 3.5" SBCs. The company also provides passively-cooled chassis configurations for industrial mini-ITX boards. The Supermicro SYS-E302-12E based on the Intel Atom x6425E embedded SoC is the company's highest performing system in the Elkhart Lake lineup. It is optimized for industrial automation, digital signage / data visualization, and IoT applications. Read on for a...

OnLogic’s New Fanless Systems Contain Intel's Elkhart Lake (10nm Atom)

Earlier this year Intel indicated that it was launching its new Jasper Lake platform very soon, built on a foundation of 10nm manufacturing with the latest Tremont Atom cores...

18 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 2/1/2021

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