EPYC 8004

AMD this morning is releasing the fourth and final member of its 4th generation EPYC processor family, the EPYC 8004 series. Previously disclosed under the codename Siena, the EPYC 8004 series is AMD’s low-cost sub-set of EPYC CPUs, aimed at the telco, edge, and other price and efficiency-sensitive marketing segments. Based on the same Zen4c cores as Bergamo, Siena is basically Bergamo-light, using the same hardware to offer server processors with between 8 and 64 CPU cores. First unveiled by AMD last summer at Financial Analyst Day 2022, Siena is AMD’s first dedicated entry into the telco, networking, and edge market. Compared to AMD’s general-purpose Genoa chips (EPYC 9004), Siena offers fewer CPU cores and lower performance overall, instead optimizing the chips and platform for...

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