EPYC 9004

Alongside today’s EPYC 97x4 “Bergamo” announcement, AMD’s other big CPU announcement of the morning is that their large cache capacity “Genoa-X” EPYC processors are shipping now. First revealed by AMD back in June of last year, Genoa-X is AMD’s now obligatory V-cache equipped EPYC server CPU, augmenting the L3 cache capacity of AMD’s core complex dies by stacking a 64MB L3 V-cache die on top of each CCD. With this additional cache, a fully-equipped Genoa-X CPU can offer up to 1152MB of total L3 cache. Genoa-X is the successor to AMD’s first-generation V-cache part, Milan-X. Like its predecessor, AMD is using cache die stacking to add further L3 cache to otherwise regular Genoa Zen 4 CCDs, giving AMD a novel way to produce a...

AMD Intros EPYC 97x4 “Bergamo” CPUs: 128 Zen 4c CPU Cores For Servers, Shipping Now

Kicking off a busy day of product announcements and updates for AMD’s data center business group, this morning AMD is finally announcing their long-awaited high density “Bergamo” server CPUs...

14 by Ryan Smith on 6/13/2023

AMD Announces Zen 4 EPYC Embedded 9004 Series: Up to 96 Cores With 1P and 2P Solutions

While AMD's portfolio of embedded products doesn't receive quite as much attention as it should, it's not a product lineup to be underestimated. AMD's "fourth platform" covers a surprisingly...

15 by Gavin Bonshor on 3/14/2023

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