GTC 2023

Along with their server part announcements today, NVIDIA is also using the backdrop of GTC to do a wholesale update of their professional visualization product stack. NVIDIA’s laptop lineup, which to date has not received any parts based on NVIDIA’s new Ada Lovelace architecture is finally getting its due, with a nearly top-to-bottom update of their whole product lineup. Altogether NVIDIA is introducing 5 new SKUs for professional laptops, from the RTX 5000 down to the RTX 2000. Meanwhile, desktop users aren’t being left out in the cold either, as NVIDIA is preparing to launch a low-profile, small form factor optimized desktop RTX 4000 Ada Generation card.

NVIDIA Announces H100 NVL - Max Memory Server Card for Large Language Models

While this year’s Spring GTC event doesn’t feature any new GPUs or GPU architectures from NVIDIA, the company is still in the process of rolling out new products based...

25 by Ryan Smith on 3/21/2023

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