This week at the annual Supercomputing HPC show, we’re going to see a number of high-profile enterprise announcements across a wide array of industries that support server and high-performance computing environments. One such announcement is from BittWare, which is announcing its new IA-840F add-in card built upon Intel’s latest FPGA product line. The IA-840F add-in card is a PCIe 4.0 x16 enabled device for next-generation datacenter, networking, and edge compute workloads, supporting hardened dual QSPF-DD (4x100G) connectivity. The goal of adding an FPGA with networking connectivity to any enterprise environment has a number of benefits, such as offloaded workloads, accelerated workloads, and a configurable FPGA environment. This enables customers to quickly adapt to their workload requirements by implementing a reconfigured FPGA through software. When networking...

AnandTech Exclusive: An Interview with Intel’s Raja Koduri about Xe

This week Raja gave the keynote at Intel’s HPC DevCon event, a precursor to Supercomputing, and I did my usual thing of asking for the interview, fully expecting the...

73 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 11/20/2019

Raja Koduri at Intel HPC Devcon Keynote Live Blog (4pm MT, 11pm UTC)

Prior to the annual Supercomputing conference, Intel hosts its HPC Developer Conference a couple of days before. This year's HPC Devcon keynote talk is from Intel SVP, Chief Architect...

55 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 11/17/2019

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