Samsung is set to start making chips using its 2nd Generation 3nm-class (SF3) manufacturing technology as well as performance-enhanced version of its 4nm-class (SF4X) fabrication process in the second half of next year, the company told its investors this week. Both production nodes are expected to significantly improve competitive positions of the company as they will enable it to build new types of products. "We will strengthen our technology competitiveness through the 2H [2024] mass production of the 2nd generation 3nm process as well as the 4th generation 4nm process for HPC," a statement by the company reads. "The market is forecast to shift to growth thanks to a rebound in mobile demand and continued growth in HPC demand." Samsung's forthcoming SF3 process technology is a...

Tenstorrent to Use Samsung’s SF4X for Quasar Low-Cost AI Chiplet

Tenstorrent this week announced that it had chosen to use Samsung's SF4X (4 nm-class) process technology for its upcoming low-cost, low-power codenamed Quasar chiplet for machine learning workloads. The...

13 by Anton Shilov on 10/3/2023

Samsung to Unveil Refined 3nm and Performance-Enhanced 4nm Nodes at VLSI Symposium

Samsung Foundry is set to detail its second generation 3 nm-class fabrication technology as well as its performance-enhanced 4 nm-class manufacturing process at the upcoming upcoming 2023 Symposium on...

3 by Anton Shilov on 5/10/2023

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