Snapdragon X55

Building a workstation-class mobile PC that would be easy to carry around, but which would offer a proper screen, decent performance, robust connectivity, and a long battery life is extremely challenging. In fact, it takes efforts of multiple companies, not just one manufacturer. At CES, Dell is going to introduce two 15-inch Latitude 9510 designs, a laptop and a convertible, that promise to pack all of the hardware required into a 14-inch-class body that is up to 17 mm thick, and even add Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 5G modem on top as an optional extra. Typically, notebooks and convertibles use different chassis even within the same model family. This is not the case with the Dell Latitude 9510 family: the notebook and the convertible use very...

Sizing Up The 5G Modem Market: Qualcomm, Intel, Huawei, Samsung, UniSOC, and Mediatek

It will be very difficult to look at mobile connectivity news in 2019 and not see buzzwords like ‘5G’ being used everywhere. Everyone wants to talk big about 5G...

56 by Ian Cutress on 3/5/2019

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