In what seems to be a major blunder by the SiPearl PR team, a recent visit by a local French politician resulted in the public Twitter posting in what looks like the floor plan of the company’s first-generation server chip project “Rhea”. During a visit of Alexandra Dublanche, a local Île-de-France politician and vice president of economic development and other responsibilities for the region, the PR teams had made some photo-op captures of a tour of the office. Amongst the published pictures includes a shot of the company’s Rhea server chip project with some new, until now unreleased details of the European Processor Initiative-backed project. Accélérer le développement européen de microprocesseurs à haute performance est un enjeu de souveraineté 🇪🇺 C’est le défi auquel s’attaque la pépite...

Arm Announces Neoverse Infrastructure IP Branding & Future Roadmap

Among of the first announcements coming out of Arm’s TechCon convention in San Jose, is the unveiling of Arm’s new infrastructure branding and a sneak peek at the product...

5 by Andrei Frumusanu on 10/16/2018

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