As the new games continue to roll in I’m sure the driver developers are hard at work keeping up with all the big release. With AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.10.1 bringing us driver version 16.40.2715 we have a solid handful of CrossFire fixes with a few others following along, and support for two more titles being released across the next week.

Starting us off we have some game related fixes all centered around CrossFire. Both Battlefield 1 and Overwatch received fixes for issues with flickering graphics that were seen while running the game with CrossFire enabled, and Paragon shared in the flickering issue when FreeSync was used in conjunction with CrossFire. Deus Ex: Mankind also has received a fix for issues with stuttering while using CrossFire. Moving away from Crossfire we have a fix for random or sudden FPS drops while playing The Crew, and the Pixel Format option is no longer missing for some Radeon RX 400 series products in Radeon Setting.

Shifting gears (or should I say cogs) to the motivator for this release we have preparations for the release of two games in the next week. The open world action game Mafia III will arrive on Friday October 7th. Meanwhile next Tuesday the 11th we’ll see the release of Gears of War 4 (ed: I guess ten years isn’t long enough to remove a locust infestation). Alongside the game optimizations we are also given a CrossFire profile for Shadow Warrior 2.

As always, those interested in reading more or installing the updated hotfix drivers for AMD’s desktop, mobile, and integrated GPUs can find them either under the driver update section in Radeon Settings or on AMDs Radeon Software Crimson Edition download page.

Source: AMD

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  • nathanddrews - Thursday, October 6, 2016 - link

    "I guess ten years isn’t long enough to remove a locust infestation"

    Wasn't expecting it, almost spit coffee on my screen. XD
  • MarkieGcolor - Thursday, October 6, 2016 - link

    Deus Ex still stutters
  • blppt - Thursday, October 6, 2016 - link

    Not shocking. Another poorly optimized port. I keep going back and looking at the graphics with everything maxed out except for MSAA (which is still near unusable), and wondering what on earth is even *good* (nevermind great) looking enough in this game to warrant such massive hardware power.
  • MarkieGcolor - Friday, October 7, 2016 - link

    Nixxes released dx12 multi gpu beta today! I give them credit for being one of the only developers to support it thus far, and it is legit. My r9 nano crossfire can now run it at 4k medium setting with almost no stutters! Still not perfect but not bad. I agree it is not good looking enough for these requirements though. However, Rise of Tomb Raider is IMO the best looking game ever and Nixxes also released multi gpu for that which is pretty awesome. I can almost max that game out at 4k 45fps.
  • MarkieGcolor - Saturday, October 8, 2016 - link

    Never mind, when I actually play the game it is unplayable with glitches. Guess I have to wait for more patches till I actually play the game and stop trying to tweak it into decent performance.
  • blppt - Monday, October 10, 2016 - link

    It actually seems to work really well on my 2 290x(s) (8gb models), with everything maxed except no MSAA.

    I tried it on another system with 2 Titan Blacks (6GB versions of the 780ti) and it did not work so well, hitching in places and overall less smooth.

    OTOH, I tried the DX12 MGPU on a similar system with two EVGA 1080s (SC) and was able to get pretty smooth framerates with everything maxed and 4x MSAA, which has been completely unplayable on those cards until this patch. Maybe being an AMD-sponsored title, this game benefits greatly for Async Compute in DX12? The 7xx series has almost no support for Async Compute, and the 1080 has *some*, with the other benefit being that its otherwise far superior to the much older 290x(s) I used.
  • malibueaqui - Friday, October 7, 2016 - link

    For sure that I'm going to install. Latest driver, before this one, was amazing in DOOM 4 with Vulkan selected.

    I've two HD 7970 in crossfire (different brands) but with GPU and memory clocks synchronized and the result is (for me) wonderful. It was amazing in Crysis 3!

    Monitor: 1080P
    Everything in Ultra
    Vsync on

    Always 60 FPS! I Know I don't have one of the modern adaptive monitors, but my IPS 1080P at 60 FPS is more than sufficient!

    Vulkan is the new way, I think!
  • MarkieGcolor - Friday, October 7, 2016 - link

    Vulcan does not support crossfire or multiple gpu. Not yet at least
  • malibueaqui - Friday, October 7, 2016 - link

    It's possible I didn't check if second card is working, but I can assure you that performance is amazing. Any how information concerning Vulkan and multi GPU is contradictory. Regards.
  • MarkieGcolor - Saturday, October 8, 2016 - link

    Yea it is only on one gpu. Performance is good because the game is not that demanding or impressive visually. AMD gets a significant boost from vulcan in this game. In opengl nvidia sli setups get good performance even though only one gpu works. The game is well optimized/simple graphics.

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