Continuing with a steady stream of updates, we are here with a new driver from AMD. Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.4 brings the core driver version up to 16.40.3211. Looking at the list we might be at the start of small and frequent updates. Regardless let’s see what changes AMD has for us today.

AMD has fixed a bug with H.264 video decoding and playback within a browser when a game was also open. A Titanfall 2 graphical corruption bug has also been fixed on the Radeon R9 Fury Series.

But the big news here (and biggest reason for this driver release) is that it's the official launch driver for Civilization VI's DirectX 12 rendering mode. The long-awaited DX12 upgrade for the strategy game has been released today as part of the game's Fall 2016 Update..

As always, those interested in reading more or installing the updated hotfix drivers for AMD’s desktop, mobile, and integrated GPUs can find them either under the driver update section in Radeon Settings or on AMDs Radeon Software Crimson Edition download page.

Source: AMD

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  • Manch - Friday, November 18, 2016 - link

    Im curious the delta between this and DX 11. Nvidia vs AMD, etc. Is there or will there be a Vulcan rendering mode?
  • lefty2 - Friday, November 18, 2016 - link

    It' pretty sad when each new game needs a special version of the driver to work properly.
  • BurntMyBacon - Friday, November 18, 2016 - link

    It's not always to work properly, but rather game specific performance optimizations. However, your point is well taken. There are a plethora of games out there and limited staff at nVidia/ATi. At some point, you can't count on driver updates to help the performance of your game.
  • NeatOman - Friday, November 18, 2016 - link

    Consoles load new drivers in the background for ever game released/installed/run, and also get hotfixes. Just that for them they never have to go though the trouble of looking for a new driver, it just loads automatically in the background ;)
  • marksteaven11 - Saturday, March 18, 2017 - link

    Thankful reply. We are glad to know about this.
  • NeatOman - Friday, November 18, 2016 - link

    There was much more of a problem with me, since 13.xx with only one chrome/edge window open after a fresh boot it would be either be stuttering or show blocky curruption.

    Maybe this is beacuse i have a 4K monitor (DP 1.2 Chroma 4:4:4 60Hz) vs running a game. But i would check clock speeds as it should be at 501MHz (vs 300 idle) for video/media. And noticed it jumped back and forth from 300 to 501. And i tried reverting to a 12.xx driver with no change :-/

    What ever the problem was, it was a massive headache. Checking hardware acceleration after ever release that claimed to fix the issue. And my CPU running at 40-60% (FX-8320@4.5GHz) with a 1080p 30fps video while watching podcasts on youtube. Honestly turned me off AMD, and im a VERY long time AMD fan... Im sure im still going to get my next card from AMD anyway because i dont want to support the closed Nvidia model.
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