04:52PM EST - We're here at CES for our first liveblog of the week, Qualcomm's annual CES presentation

04:54PM EST - We won't spoil anything, but be sure to check the front page in a few minutes for more details on some of Qualcomm's announcements

04:54PM EST - Suffice it to say, expect SoCs & more

04:55PM EST - Qualcomm for their part is coming off of a pretty good year in the high-end, where the Snapdragon 820 was the SoC of choice for a number of North American phones

04:58PM EST - Today we've got Matt on pictures, and Ryan on text

04:58PM EST - It's a full house here; we're down to standing room only

04:58PM EST - And here we go

04:59PM EST - On stage is Keith Kressin, the SVP of Product Management

04:59PM EST - Qualcomm's focus this year is on "connecting things"

05:00PM EST - First off: Snapdragon 835

05:00PM EST - More details: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10948/qualcomm-snapdragon-835-kryo-280-adreno-540

05:01PM EST - The 835 is the first shipping chip based on the 10nm node from Samsung. So it's the first shrink of FinFET

05:01PM EST - Better power, better area, and an overall smaller chip. 35% smaller chip package altogether

05:03PM EST - Battery life: Qualcomm says they achieve about 25% lower power than the 820

05:03PM EST - This generation also launches Quick Charge 4

05:04PM EST - Immersion: 835 includes an updated Adreno 500 series GPU, the 540

05:04PM EST - 25% faster graphics performance

05:05PM EST - 3D audio support has also been added

05:05PM EST - Qualcomm has also put in some VR optimizations, including reducing motion-to-photon latency

05:06PM EST - Capture: Updated ISP that supports recent trends such as dual (wide-angle + telephoto) cameras

05:07PM EST - Connectivity: X16 LTE modem, 802.11ad, and 2x2 802.11ac with MU-MIMO support

05:08PM EST - Security: Support for multiple forms of security, including fingerprint, voice print, and iris/facial recognition

05:08PM EST - A big initiative for Qualcomm this year is machine learning

05:09PM EST - Leveraging a mix of the CPU, the GPU, and the Hexagon DSP depending on the task

05:09PM EST - 835 is in production now, and Qualcomm expects similar or better success compared to the 820/821

05:10PM EST - Not including non-phone devices such as tablets and VR headsets

05:10PM EST - First commerical devices will ship in the first half of this year

05:11PM EST - Next up: Raj Talluri on IoT innovation

05:13PM EST - Qualcomm is gung-ho on IoT, as you might expect

05:14PM EST - No specific chip being announced at this second, but Raj is talking about some partner products using 835

05:16PM EST - Wearables: 80% of Android Wear smartwatches are Snapdragon powered

05:18PM EST - Now on stage: Patrick Little of GM

05:19PM EST - Discussing where Qualcomm's mobile tech meets GM's auto tech

05:19PM EST - Machine learning, vision processing, vehicle to vehicle/cloud communication, & more

05:21PM EST - There is a massive potential economic impact by making driving safer. GM wants to get there

05:22PM EST - GM will be bring Qualcomm's X16 LTE modem to cars, to enable the connectivity required for self-driving cars

05:23PM EST - GM also wants more local processing power

05:24PM EST - And not just for machine intelligence, but for simpler tasks such as dash panels/displays as well

05:24PM EST - Next generation VW vehicles will be implementing both the X16 LTE modem and the automotive-focused Snapdragon 820A

05:27PM EST - Qualcomm will be doing field trials of Cellular V2X in Europe with car partners this year

05:30PM EST - And that's a wrap. Now it's demo time. And be sure to check out our full Snapdragon 835 article: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10948/qualcomm-snapdragon-835-kryo-280-adreno-540

05:30PM EST - Out

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