07:36AM EDT - After some meetings this morning, the next event on our list is the western launch of the Honor Play: a Kirin 970 smartphone that focuses on AI. Honor is making big strides as Huawei's sub-brand, and this is the latest device.

07:37AM EDT - The event is set to start on the hour, and I'm sitting front row

07:37AM EDT - A few seats away from the execs, including George Zhao, who I assume is on stage today

07:42AM EDT - I was just moved from the front row to the second, because someone forgot to put a VIP logo on the chair. So despite being first in the hall, I've lost the best spot (!)

07:43AM EDT - I do find it amusing that the VIPs are put front and center for events like this that are clearly press events. Surely you want good photos and such with the press right up front

07:43AM EDT - But that's just me

07:43AM EDT - The hall here is relatively empty, perhaps because Sony's event was in line with this on the other side of Berlin

07:57AM EDT - OK a few minutes to go

07:58AM EDT - Suddently all the VIPs just filter in

07:59AM EDT - 5 minute bell

08:05AM EDT - OK now the venue is full

08:06AM EDT - The tag line for this event is 'crazy fast, crazy smart'

08:06AM EDT - So expect some talk about GPU Turbo and the AI enabled by the TPU

08:06AM EDT - I must admit, the AI mode on my Honor 10 is quite good

08:07AM EDT - It's a shame it doesn't work the way we do live blogs though

08:07AM EDT - OK, time to start

08:07AM EDT - opening video

08:07AM EDT - GPU turbo, parkour, gaming

08:07AM EDT - people looking into their chins playing games

08:07AM EDT - George Zhao to the stage

08:08AM EDT - Last year, honor launched Honor 9

08:08AM EDT - We came back for the new Honor series - Honor Play

08:08AM EDT - Honor is a brand for young people

08:08AM EDT - We stay together for the young

08:08AM EDT - Everyone is young at heart, everyone is a target customer

08:08AM EDT - For the digital native

08:09AM EDT - Cutting edge technology and futuristic design to the industry

08:09AM EDT - Today you can see that our flagships support dual camera, even tri-camera

08:09AM EDT - Honor will continue with this trend

08:09AM EDT - Not only a smartphone brand

08:10AM EDT - We provide the smartphone, band, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, and home device

08:10AM EDT - More devices to come in the future to the young community

08:10AM EDT - About 120m users and fans globally

08:10AM EDT - A huge user base

08:10AM EDT - Honor is not only a brand or a product - we want to create the digital lifestyle and honor culture

08:11AM EDT - Building an honor community

08:11AM EDT - For the young - it's nothing to fear. Break the rules, no compromise. It's in honor's DNA

08:11AM EDT - For the young - it's nothing to fear. Break the rules, no compromise. It's in honor's DNA

08:11AM EDT - Bring more and better product to our world

08:11AM EDT - Covering first 8 months of 2018

08:12AM EDT - Honor grown 150% in overseas market

08:12AM EDT - Beat +100% expectation

08:13AM EDT - Within 3 years, Honor is now global top 5

08:13AM EDT - Next 3 years, Honor will be top 4 brand in Europe

08:13AM EDT - Honor pop-up store in Paris

08:14AM EDT - Honor 10 - 3m units sold in 2 months

08:14AM EDT - Lots of awards

08:14AM EDT - AnandTech is mentioned here

08:14AM EDT - AnandTech is mentioned here

08:15AM EDT - Launched GPU Turbo a few months ago

08:15AM EDT - 'Global Media Praise'

08:16AM EDT - >But no real explanation as to HOW it works

08:16AM EDT - Now for Honor Play

08:16AM EDT - Premium features and product to meet young people requirements

08:16AM EDT - 6.3-inch screen

08:17AM EDT - 89% body-to-screen

08:17AM EDT - same body as a traditional 5.5-inch

08:17AM EDT - Unibody metal matte design

08:17AM EDT - Video time

08:18AM EDT - Kirin 970

08:18AM EDT - Dual camera

08:19AM EDT - 'Very easy to hold'

08:19AM EDT - Easily operate with one hand

08:19AM EDT - compact design

08:19AM EDT - Midnight Black color

08:19AM EDT - Navy Blue color

08:19AM EDT - Ultra Violet color

08:20AM EDT - Pantone color of the year 2018

08:20AM EDT - Two special editions for gamers

08:20AM EDT - Player Edition Black

08:20AM EDT - doesn't look bad

08:21AM EDT - Premium funciton and experience

08:22AM EDT - 60% increase with GPU Turbo

08:23AM EDT - Comparison to Galaxy S9+ on PUBG Mobile, Asphault 9

08:24AM EDT - Claiming 12.7 FPS over Galaxy S9+, and 7x stability

08:24AM EDT - FPS Jitter rate... lol

08:24AM EDT - 'Improve the experience'

08:25AM EDT - Power consumption SoC decrease 30%

08:25AM EDT - Still no explanation HOW

08:25AM EDT - 'Longer battery life'

08:26AM EDT - GPU Turbo going to existing customers

08:26AM EDT - All the way back to Honor 7x

08:26AM EDT - 9 lite in Aug, View 10 / Honor 9 in Sep, Honor 8 Pro in Nob, Honor 7x in Dec

08:27AM EDT - Strategic partner with PUBG Mobile with Tencent

08:28AM EDT - System Shock for '4D'

08:28AM EDT - phone vibrates with 10 types based on 30 scenarios

08:28AM EDT - 7.1 surround sound

08:28AM EDT - Game suite mode - lock nav keys

08:29AM EDT - Bundled screen protector - nanocomposite surface

08:29AM EDT - Reduced coefficient of friction for gaming

08:29AM EDT - Last week at Gamescom, demonstrated Honor Play with PUBG Mobile

08:30AM EDT - Phone for the gamers

08:30AM EDT - 'With the GPU Turbo, Honor Play has the better experience'

08:30AM EDT - >Still haven't explained HOW it works

08:31AM EDT - A gaming related video now

08:31AM EDT - 3750mAh battery

08:31AM EDT - Collaboration with Audi Sport R8 LMS Cup

08:32AM EDT - Head of Audi Sport Customer Racing to the stage

08:33AM EDT - Beyond ultimate road cars

08:33AM EDT - LMS Cup in Asia

08:33AM EDT - Started in 2012

08:33AM EDT - Core market in Asia

08:33AM EDT - Increasing speed, tech, design

08:33AM EDT - Shared values with honor

08:34AM EDT - Honor banner on each of the race cars

08:34AM EDT - >So it's an honor sponsorship ?

08:34AM EDT - >Sounds like it

08:35AM EDT - Special edition Honor Play with Audi model inside the box

08:35AM EDT - 16 MP Camera, Honor AIS (AI Stabilization)

08:36AM EDT - Strongest AI processor in the industry

08:36AM EDT - EMUI 8.2

08:36AM EDT - Is 16MP = 8+8 ?

08:36AM EDT - Identify 500 scenarios for AI

08:37AM EDT - Rear camera portrait mode

08:37AM EDT - Bokeh

08:37AM EDT - >Similar to P20, Honor 10

08:38AM EDT - AIS is more advanced than EIS and OIS

08:38AM EDT - Even with single lens camera

08:38AM EDT - Tripod free photography

08:39AM EDT - Handheld long exposure photos

08:39AM EDT - 16MP front camera selfie

08:40AM EDT - 3D facial recognition

08:40AM EDT - 3D portrait lighting

08:40AM EDT - Video time again

08:41AM EDT - 'Crazy AI, Crazy CPU, Crazy big screen'

08:41AM EDT - 'Hear from all directions with 3D sound'

08:41AM EDT - 'For the win, AI camera'

08:42AM EDT - *AIS is supported through HOTA update

08:42AM EDT - Pricing

08:43AM EDT - 329 euro for 4GB/64GB

08:43AM EDT - 349 Euro for player edition

08:43AM EDT - Honor up for sale at 3pm

08:44AM EDT - Honor Play is a new brand for gamers

08:45AM EDT - Alongside Honor View and Honor number

08:45AM EDT - Special surprise

08:45AM EDT - Two years ago, launched Honor Magic - first AI smartphone

08:45AM EDT - 40W Magic charge

08:45AM EDT - Design from another planet

08:46AM EDT - Honor innovation spirit

08:46AM EDT - Another video

08:47AM EDT - >Now they're comparing innovation to landing on the moon

08:48AM EDT - Magic 2 with Yoyo AI assistant

08:48AM EDT - Popup camera

08:48AM EDT - Coming soon

08:48AM EDT - Magic name means no compromise

08:49AM EDT - Coming later

08:49AM EDT - Real fullview display, no notch

08:50AM EDT - Camera slides up

08:50AM EDT - So it's not an auto motor, manual slide

08:52AM EDT - Safer 40W magic charge

08:52AM EDT - With Kirin 980

08:52AM EDT - >Cat out of the bag?

08:52AM EDT - Tomorrow at a keynote, Kirin 980 will be launched

08:52AM EDT - Everything is ready for Magic 2

08:53AM EDT - It looks like that's a wrap. Well, interesting for sure. But HOW exactly does GPU Turbo work?

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  • deep09 - Friday, September 7, 2018 - link

    The best for gamers. My friend, an ardent gamer, gave the device a 'tough guy' look with a Grunge texture skin on the device's back, got from GadgetShieldz online store. I loved it, Honor play is the best among Huawei devices.
  • mikedans - Monday, July 5, 2021 - link

  • mikedans - Monday, July 5, 2021 - link

    Two years have passed from this presentation and this device remains the best for players. I often use online sources as https://gamblerzz.com/thrivefantasy-dfs-platform to find out if the platform supports mobile version and with this gadget, I access all sites in the short time and with no efforts.

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