04:58PM EST - Hello everybody, another big press conference today - this time it's Samsung's turn.

05:02PM EST - President and CEO of Samsung Electronics taking the stage

05:02PM EST - 50th anniversary of Samsung

05:02PM EST - Started off with black&white TVs

05:03PM EST - Starting off with IoT / Smarthings

05:05PM EST - 5G - High speed, capacity

05:06PM EST - Samsung helping out Verizon to roll out 5G in the US

05:06PM EST - Samsung is the only supplier for 5G equipment in Korea

05:07PM EST - Samsung to be the first to release a 5G smartphone

05:08PM EST - Samsung is consolidating all its AI efforts into Bixby

05:08PM EST - Samsung is consolidating all its AI efforts into Bixby

05:09PM EST - Bixby will be in 2019 QLED TVs and other products

05:10PM EST - Bixby is a scalable open platform, and will continue to grow as more partners join the ecosystem

05:10PM EST - Uber, Ticketmaster, and all Google services to be brought to Bixby

05:11PM EST - Samsung has opened several AI R&D centres all around the world

05:12PM EST - 2019 will see consumers start to see Samsung's vision of new AI applicaitons

05:13PM EST - SVP of Samsung Electronics America, Yoon Lee taking the stage

05:14PM EST - Samsung has built a AI service engine

05:15PM EST - Samsung is bringing new ways of connected living, in a way, only Samsung can

05:15PM EST - Samsung has been the global leader in TV for 13 years

05:16PM EST - Today's menu: Micro LED, 8K TVs, and more content providers

05:17PM EST - Sales of bigger screens has doubled over the last few years

05:17PM EST - 98" 8K QLED TV

05:18PM EST - Quantum Dot with full array local diming

05:18PM EST - HDMI 2.1 Support

05:19PM EST - 8K AI upscaling of lower resolution sources

05:19PM EST - New "Quantum 8K" TV SoC powering the new 33MP display pipeline

05:20PM EST - New high fidelity content from Amazon Prime

05:21PM EST - New Samsung AI Codec?

05:21PM EST - I wonder if this is just AI assisted HEVC encoding?

05:22PM EST - 65, 75, 82 and 85" versions of the 8K to be available

05:22PM EST - Reiterating on yesterday's announcement of iTunes integration in Samsung TVs

05:23PM EST - Universal guide using AI to figure out your viewing habits and give suggestions across all service providers

05:23PM EST - Integration with Bixby

05:24PM EST - AirPlay compatibility

05:24PM EST - Samsung TV to work with Alexa, Google assistant and Bixby

05:25PM EST - Far-field voice on the remote

05:26PM EST - Bixby queries based on contextual awareness

05:29PM EST - Using Bixby on other Bixby enabled devices allows you to do queries, and then have it displayed on the TV

05:29PM EST - Switching over to household appliances

05:31PM EST - New family hub with improved UX

05:32PM EST - New "family board" to be used on the Family Hub

05:33PM EST - New washers with wider and shallower drums.

05:34PM EST - Bixby connected of course

05:34PM EST - Demo with the Family Board

05:35PM EST - Sharing photos from your devices to the Family Hub is easy as using the share intent on Android

05:37PM EST - Full Bixby functionality much like you'd expect on a smartphone

05:40PM EST - New PC announcement

05:41PM EST - Notebook 9 Pro

05:42PM EST - S-Pen compatibility

05:43PM EST - New Odessey gaming notebook

05:43PM EST - Latest gen Intel CPU and Nvidia RTX GPU

05:45PM EST - New automotive dashboard concept in cooperation with Harman

05:46PM EST - Bixby interoperability between devices and the car - even remotely

05:47PM EST - In-vehicle Samsung DeX

05:47PM EST - Up to 6 screens compatibility

05:48PM EST - Vision capabilities - I'm sensing a reference to the newly announced Exynos Auto

05:49PM EST - Samsung Semiconductor taking the stage

05:50PM EST - 70% of data in 2021 will be processed at the edge

05:51PM EST - The semi team will bring processing nearer to the edge with more performance

05:51PM EST - Offline AI is the main goal

05:52PM EST - Exynos Auto will bring Samsung's newest ML hardware to the market

05:54PM EST - Samsung Bot Care, Bot Air new robotic platforms

05:58PM EST - That's a wrap - Next press event is Intel in an hour!

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