11:23AM PDT - And we're done! Hands on time now!

11:21AM PDT - Showing their new iPad ad now

11:21AM PDT - Recapping the event now, looks like we'll be going hands on soon

11:20AM PDT - Brian "no TouchID"

11:19AM PDT - Both cases come in Product RED versions as well

11:19AM PDT - $69 for mini version

11:19AM PDT - iPad case for $79, available for both Air and mini

11:19AM PDT - $39 iPad cover works for the iPad mini and Air

11:18AM PDT - New covers/cases

11:18AM PDT - Original iPad mini sticks around at $299

11:18AM PDT - Available later in November

11:17AM PDT - New iPad mini priced at $399 for 16GB/WiFi

11:17AM PDT - Comes in silver/white, and space grey/black

11:17AM PDT - 2x faster WiFi with MIMO (300Mbps 802.11n)

11:17AM PDT - 10 hour battery life

11:17AM PDT - That's A7 powering iPad Air, iPad mini and iPhone 5s

11:17AM PDT - Up to 4x faster CPU than iPad mini 1, up to 8x faster graphics

11:16AM PDT - Also powered by A7

11:16AM PDT - Same number of pixels as iPad Air

11:16AM PDT - 7.9-inch Retina Display

11:16AM PDT - 2048 x 1536

11:16AM PDT - Retina Display on iPad mini

11:15AM PDT - Now talking about iPad mini

11:13AM PDT - Smaller battery than iPad 4

11:13AM PDT - Bigger and smaller?

11:12AM PDT - So while this plays let's brainstorm a bit...iPad Air, next would be multiple display sizes of the iPad Air?

11:12AM PDT - Video about iPad Air

11:12AM PDT - China will get iPad Air WiFi on Nov 1st as well

11:11AM PDT - iPad Air starts shipping on November 1st

11:11AM PDT - iPad 2 is still available at $399

11:11AM PDT - $629 16GB Cellular

11:11AM PDT - $499 for 16GB WiFi configuration

11:11AM PDT - Comes in silver/white, and space grey/black

11:10AM PDT - 10 hour battery life

11:10AM PDT - dual mics, improved backside illumination

11:10AM PDT - 5MP iSight Camera, 1080p HD video, new FaceTime HD camera with larger pixels

11:10AM PDT - Expanded LTE support

11:10AM PDT - 802.11n 300Mbps

11:10AM PDT - First iOS with MIMO

11:10AM PDT - 2x faster at opening files

11:09AM PDT - Up to 8x faster CPU perf compared to iPad 1, up to 72x faster GPU perf than iPad 1

11:09AM PDT - Same 2x increase in CPU and GPU performance as the 5 to 5s transition

11:09AM PDT - M7 included on the iPad Air

11:08AM PDT - Yep, no A7X

11:08AM PDT - A7 SoC

11:08AM PDT - Lightest full sized tablet in the world

11:08AM PDT - vs. 1.4 lbs for iPad 4

11:08AM PDT - iPad Air weighs 1 pound

11:07AM PDT - vs 9.4mm, 20% thinner across the entire device vs iPad 4

11:07AM PDT - 7.5mm thick

11:07AM PDT - 43% thinner bezel

11:07AM PDT - Bezel around it is smaller

11:07AM PDT - 9.7-inch retina display

11:07AM PDT - Wow...implications aplenty

11:06AM PDT - New name?!

11:06AM PDT - iPad Air

11:06AM PDT - Thinner, lighter, more powerful

11:06AM PDT - "Biggest step yet in delivering the vision that is iPad"

11:05AM PDT - Spec-dump imminent

11:05AM PDT - Phil is back on stage

11:05AM PDT - "We've been busy working on the next-gen of iPad"

11:02AM PDT - Video playing celebrating iPad usage

11:01AM PDT - Over 475K iPad apps on the app store

10:59AM PDT - 170 million iPads sold

10:58AM PDT - Now onto iPad

10:58AM PDT - This is really the only way to keep hardware prices high

10:58AM PDT - "We want our customers to have our latest software and access to the greatest new features"

10:57AM PDT - "We are turning the industry on its ear"

10:57AM PDT - My guess is iPads are next

10:57AM PDT - Tim is back on stage

10:56AM PDT - All available today

10:56AM PDT - With the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device

10:56AM PDT - iWork is completely free now

10:54AM PDT - Adding collaboration to iWork for iCloud

10:51AM PDT - All transitions are updated with new physics

10:51AM PDT - Object based animation

10:51AM PDT - Today's presentation was done using the new Keynote app

10:51AM PDT - New effects and animations in Keynote

10:50AM PDT - New format panel on both iOS and Mac

10:49AM PDT - Brand new UI

10:49AM PDT - 64-bit as well

10:49AM PDT - Full file compatibility across iOS/Mac

10:49AM PDT - Pages, Numbers and Keynote are all redesigned for iOS 7 and completely re-written on the Mac

10:49AM PDT - iWork is next

10:48AM PDT - All available today

10:48AM PDT - All iLife apps are free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device

10:47AM PDT - You can add new instruments or virtual drummers via in app purchases

10:45AM PDT - Garage Band demo

10:45AM PDT - New look on the Mac version of Garage Band as well

10:44AM PDT - If you have a 64-bit device you can do up to 32 tracks on iPhone/iPad

10:44AM PDT - From 8 tracks to 16 tracks

10:44AM PDT - New UI for iOS 7

10:44AM PDT - GarageBand next

10:44AM PDT - Integrated with iCloud, movies created are automatically available on all devices

10:44AM PDT - Takes all of your movies/trailers/clips, puts them in a single place

10:44AM PDT - iMovie Theater

10:43AM PDT - New UI on the Mac iMovie

10:43AM PDT - Desktop class effects to iOS version of iMovie

10:43AM PDT - Please announce QuickSync support

10:43AM PDT - Now on to iMovie

10:42AM PDT - iPhoto on iPad now gets photo books

10:42AM PDT - Going through iPhoto updates

10:42AM PDT - Brand new versions of iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band for iOS and Mac

10:41AM PDT - iLife update

10:41AM PDT - Eddie Cue is on stage now

10:41AM PDT - That's all the Mac hardware news today

10:39AM PDT - New Mac Pro video

10:38AM PDT - Over 2000 people across 20 states helping to prepare to build the new Mac Pro

10:38AM PDT - Designed in California, assembled in the US

10:38AM PDT - (at idle)

10:38AM PDT - No louder than a Mac mini

10:38AM PDT - Idles at at 12dBA

10:37AM PDT - Up to 70% less energy consumption than previous Mac Pro, 43W at idle

10:37AM PDT - Available in December

10:37AM PDT - 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon, 12GB RAM, dual FirePro D300, 2GB VRAM each, 256GB SSD

10:36AM PDT - New Mac Pro costs $2999

10:35AM PDT - New version of FCP X optimized for Mac Pro

10:35AM PDT - Dual audio out, 4 USB 3, dual GigE, BT 4.0, 802.11ac, 6 x Thunderbolt 2.0

10:34AM PDT - Up to 3 x 4K displays supported, single and dual-input displays, automatically configured, HDMI 1.4

10:33AM PDT - Thunderbolt 2, up to 6 devices per port

10:33AM PDT - PCIe SSD, up to 1.2GB/s reads, up to 1GB/s writes, up to 1TB capacity, user accessible

10:33AM PDT - Up to 12GB of GDDR5 memory

10:33AM PDT - 2 x AMD FirePro GPUs, up to 4096 SPs (D300, D500 or D700)

10:32AM PDT - 1866MHz DDR3 ECC, quad-channel interface, up to 60GB/s of mem bandwidth, up to 64GB of memory, user accessible

10:32AM PDT - Intel Xeon E5, quad, 6, 8 or 12 core, up to 30MB L3 cache, 40 lanes of PCIe gen 3

10:32AM PDT - "The future of the pro desktop"

10:31AM PDT - Previous gen had 8 fans in it, new Mac Pro has a single fan

10:31AM PDT - Mac Pro update!

10:31AM PDT - That wraps up the MacBook news

10:31AM PDT - MBA and rMBP are the new notebook lineup, the non-retina MBP is not getting updated?

10:30AM PDT - Also shipping today

10:30AM PDT - That includes 2GHz quad-core i7, 8GB of RAM, Iris Pro, 256GB SSD

10:30AM PDT - Previous gen started at $2199, new one starts at $1999

10:29AM PDT - 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2

10:29AM PDT - PCIe based SSD

10:29AM PDT - Up to 8 hours of battery life

10:29AM PDT - GT 750M is optional though

10:29AM PDT - "discrete GPU perf at 1/4 less power"

10:29AM PDT - Haswell + Iris Pro Graphics (with Crystalwell)

10:29AM PDT - Crystalwell shoutout!

10:28AM PDT - 15-inch rMBP next

10:28AM PDT - New 13-inch rMBP starts shipping today

10:28AM PDT - for a 2.4GHz dual-core i5, 4GB of memory, Iris, 128GB SSD

10:28AM PDT - Previous gen started at $1499, new model starts at $1299

10:27AM PDT - Thunderbolt 2

10:27AM PDT - 802.11ac

10:27AM PDT - 60% faster than previous gen

10:27AM PDT - PCIe based SSD

10:27AM PDT - Up to 9 hours of battery life

10:26AM PDT - up to 90% faster than previous gen graphics

10:26AM PDT - Includes Intel's Iris Graphics

10:26AM PDT - 13-inch rMBP gets Haswell

10:26AM PDT - Thinner: 0.71" thin

10:26AM PDT - 13-inch rMBP even lighter at 3.46 lbs

10:25AM PDT - Now talking about MacBook Pro

10:25AM PDT - Recapping the Haswell MBA

10:24AM PDT - Now it's Phil time, on stage to talk about the MacBook

10:24AM PDT - For free

10:24AM PDT - Mavericks available today

10:24AM PDT - Whether you have Mountain Lion or if you're running Lion or Snow Leopard, Mavericks is free and a single step update

10:23AM PDT - Wow

10:23AM PDT - New era for the Mac: Mavericks is free

10:23AM PDT - the days of spending hundreds of dollars on an OS are gone

10:23AM PDT - Talking about pace of OS releases

10:22AM PDT - Done with the Mavericks demo

10:21AM PDT - I'm excited about Mavericks

10:20AM PDT - Showing off the new Calendar app

10:20AM PDT - The new Safari in Mavericks really is an improvement

10:19AM PDT - iCloud keychain in Mavericks manages passwords across websites for you

10:19AM PDT - Website notifications are supported in Mavericks

10:18AM PDT - Responding to notifications in Mavericks without changing app focus

10:18AM PDT - Talking about document/file tagging in Mavericks

10:17AM PDT - iBooks demonstration, not going to bother live blogging the demo :-)

10:16AM PDT - Mavericks demo now

10:15AM PDT - New apps: Maps and iBooks

10:15AM PDT - Big improvements in multi-display handling

10:15AM PDT - Tags in Finder (and tabs in finder!)

10:15AM PDT - Enhanced Safari, notifications

10:15AM PDT - Now going over app enhancements in Mavericks

10:15AM PDT - Up to 1.8x acceleration when leveraging OpenCL on integrated graphics

10:14AM PDT - this is probably the biggest endorsement of integrated graphics ever

10:14AM PDT - OpenCL support for integrated graphics as well

10:14AM PDT - In the past OS X allocated static memory for graphics, Mavericks allows dynamic scaling of integrated GPU memory size

10:13AM PDT - "focused particularly on integrated graphics"

10:13AM PDT - Graphics perf updates

10:13AM PDT - "Fit 6GB of data in 4GB of RAM"

10:13AM PDT - Mavericks can compress inactive parts of your memory contents

10:13AM PDT - Compressed memory

10:13AM PDT - Up to 1.5 hours longer playing iTunes video

10:13AM PDT - If you take a 13-inch MBA and install Mavericks, you'll get up to an hour longer web browsing on a single charge

10:12AM PDT - One of the biggest missions was to fundamentally upgrade your hardware, get more out of your battery, more out of your memory, and more perf out of your GPU

10:12AM PDT - Three major focus areas: core technologies, features and apps

10:11AM PDT - Craig F is taking the stage to talk about OS X

10:11AM PDT - "Really hard at work on the Mac, exciting new products to show you this morning"

10:11AM PDT - "We still believe deeply in this category, not slowing down on our innovation"

10:11AM PDT - "We have a very clear direction and a very ambitious goal"

10:11AM PDT - "Who knows what they will do next"

10:10AM PDT - "Now they're trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs"

10:10AM PDT - "They chased after netbooks"

10:10AM PDT - Talking about Mac competition now

10:10AM PDT - Talking about seamless integration of services across all Apple devices

10:09AM PDT - Mac update

10:09AM PDT - Over $13B paid out to developers

10:09AM PDT - 60 billion cumulative downloads

10:09AM PDT - Over 1 million apps in the app store

10:09AM PDT - App Store update

10:08AM PDT - Over 1 billion songs played

10:08AM PDT - Over 20M listeners of iTunes Radio

10:08AM PDT - Woo?

10:08AM PDT - Justin Timberlake quote on screen about iTunes Radio

10:08AM PDT - Now talking about iTunes Radio

10:07AM PDT - 64% of iOS devices are running iOS 7 as of today

10:07AM PDT - Fastest software upgrade in history

10:07AM PDT - 5 days after launch over 200M devices were running iOS 7

10:07AM PDT - Now recapping iOS 7

10:06AM PDT - Maybe a Mac Pro preview, but I don't think that'll be shipping this month

10:05AM PDT - I'm fully expecting rMBP Haswell announcements today

10:05AM PDT - I see Mavericks loaded on a couple of iMacs and Mac notebooks on stage

10:05AM PDT - There's going to be a lot of recapping before we get to the new stuff

10:05AM PDT - Playing a video showing off the 5c/5s launch

10:04AM PDT - Biggest iPhone launch ever, 9M sold as of last month

10:03AM PDT - Recapping the 5s/5c launch

10:03AM PDT - A few updates beginning with iPhone

10:02AM PDT - Tim Cook just took the stage

10:00AM PDT - We're starting!

10:00AM PDT - Engadget spotted us in the audience: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2013/10/apple-live-0188.jpg

09:56AM PDT - "Our presentation will begin shortly"

09:51AM PDT - And the WiFi is amazing: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3050067240

09:51AM PDT - We just got seated!

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  • Kevin G - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    Mac Pro. That is what I want to see. I've been waiting years and saving just as long for this machine. Apple should be able to just take my money but I'm going to wait on reviews. If they come back negative for the new model, I'll snap up a dual Westmere model while they're still on the market and then kick myself in the head for waiting years when I could have bought this tower in 2010.
  • mattbowler - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    Why don't you just build a decent PC.

    That way, with all the money you save, you can buy yourself a nice pair of Jordans to kick yourself in the head with when you realise you should have done this in 2010.
  • Homeles - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    I think most people that buy Macs are aware that they're more expensive. Why don't you build a useful comment?
  • crispbp04 - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    If this guy has to save for 3 years to get a Mac he's probably too stupid to realize he could save thousands and get better hardware elsewhere... or better yet, build up the brain power necessary to build his own tower.
  • vol7ron - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    You could do that, but then you couldn't legally run your own Mac OS. Budgeting over a period, for something you want, is actually a sign of intelligence. Sure you may be purchasing Louis Vuitton, instead of Guess, but while both perform the same function, if getting the LV brings more happiness (for whatever) then it seems a reasonable purchase, provided he has no complaints why he hasn't money to purchase something else.
  • KevinZuber - Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - link

    Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
  • crispbp04 - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    I apologize for my prior statement. Everybody is entitled to have their own dream. Sometimes I rage out when people make seemingly poor decisions. I should preface that it was my opinion, sorry.
  • vol7ron - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    It is more expensive for something that has a much cheaper alternative, but the design and quality does come at a premium. The price also naturally builds in that coveted exclusivity, which some people seem to care about, but Apple is actually better than it had been in the past (lowering this to a degree). I, for one, think computer hardware should be more expensive - it's a technological wonderment, but my reasoning considers alternative products; eg I don't think a nice computer should be the same price as a decent guitar, but that's the effect supply, demand, and competition have on price of products. Just think about during the 90s when brands like Gateway were selling computers at $2500, which was worth more then. Their quality hasn't changed much, but their price sure has.
  • Murloc - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    lol no, it's the electric guitars being pricey because the market is small and they're analog devices. Also analog stuff requires more precision AFAIK, and they're not mass-producing them which drives costs down for integrated circuits. You can't do that with guitars.
    Apples to oranges imho.
  • vol7ron - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - link

    Follow-up because I'm not convinced you're trolling:

    1. "electric guitars" - I didn't qualify it with a certain type, but it was just a comparative example of products across different markets
    2. "because the market is small" - that's what supply/demand is; there's a market for computers, there's a market for guitars and the markets are sometime shared. The elasticity of demand also factors in determining purchase (and buying/selling power). When doing comparisons, if one thing is small, it means the other is big in relation. But in your use of the work "market", I think you're referring to exactly what "demand" is - the amount of buyers at a particular price point.
    3. Analog has nothing to do with it, neither does digital, and the claim that one requires more precision over another is plainly incorrect. I'll assume by precision you are also referring to accuracy.
    4. "Mass-production" factors into supply/demand, price/cost curves, and economies of scale; generally, the more demand the better EoS you can achieve (though not always)
    5. Regarding mass production, you could certainly do that with guitars
    6. Yes it is apples to oranges, but it doesn't mean you can't compare. You're trading with water, and you can only have so much and may only buy so many apples and/or oranges.

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